A New Party for Our Future.

The Party for US is a new party founded by everyday Americans for ALL of us.


We're building a new party of the people. The Party for US.

The 2016 presidential primary was the punctuation on a political system that the people of this country have outgrown. We saw everyday people inspired to get politically involved; some for the very first time. The passion that arose was based in the idea that we, the people, have had it with politics as usual. There was overwhelming excitement to see a principled candidate, funded by the people, and not the special interests. The Sanders campaign offered bold solutions to the challenges facing us, including tuition free college, single payer healthcare, and investing in the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy. It was truly a vision of a future worth believing in. However, the inspiring ideals were not realized because there was not yet a major party in existence which genuinely supported such a vision for this country.
A large majority of Americans are ready for a new way forward, a new party for our future. One in which politicians actually represent the interests of citizens. The future is now. The future is US.

The Party For US


The Party

The “Not Me, US” message of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign inspired tens of millions of Americans and is in part, inspiration for our party. The Party for US states our purpose and emphasizes that this effort is not about one person or group. It’s about ALL of US. We're building a 100% people-powered and people-funded party.

The issues that matter to US all.

What We Stand For

Just a Few The Issues in Our Agenda

At the core of our priorities, are vital matters which we believe promote the well-being of people and our democracy. Among these are: secure and accurate elections; ending the legalized corruption of our campaign finance system; making single payer healthcare a reality; implementing a living wage for working people; reforming our criminal justice system; making higher education tuition and debt free;  protecting our air, water and lands for ourselves and future generations; restoring our civil rights and liberties; protecting Social Security, as well as our retired, working and middle classes. There are many issues we care about which apply to Americans across the board. Join us in standing for these vital priorities.

We Can Do This.

Our Approach

It isn't enough to elect reformers inside the other two parties. Even on occasions when such efforts have succeeded, all too often we've seen those same representatives quickly co-opted and become part of the very system they ran to change.

It’s not just the party in power we must replace, but the corrupted system itself. A new party is essential to any real change we want to see in our political system.

Our plan is to back and elect a slate of candidates, outside the two-party system, who are funded and supported by the American people. Joining today’s technology with community building, we are growing a volunteer base in order to be viable in every state.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nelson Mandela

An Historic Opportunity

Every successful movement that changed the course of this country, from anti-child labor to civil rights, faced naysayers and doubters, who said, “It can’t be done”. Yet, those movements rose to the challenge of their moment and beat the odds.

We have a moral obligation to rise to the challenge of these times. We have an historic opportunity to create a new nation for ourselves and generations to come.

"(Politicians should) worry more about the next generation, than you worry about the next election."

Nina Turner, fmr. OH State Senator

A Party For Our Future

We’re building a party of people who care more about the next generation than the next election. The Party for US will be the party for everyday Americans, because it is built with the support of these very same people. Spread the word and help us to build a powerful new grassroots party from the ground up to place democracy back into the hands of the people. Join US!

Join Us.

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