There are many priorities which will be essential to our platform.

Election Integrity: Secure and Accurate Elections

We understand that without election reform, coupled with the stronghold of a two-party system, the people of this country will never trust that their votes are counted as cast. Given the outcome of the 2016 Democratic primary, and numerous elections in the last 16 years, we are committed to the solutions to current election integrity issues which include:

  • Elimination of insecure proprietary electronic voting machines
  • Implementation of  multifaceted voting and tabulation process that eliminates the possibility of election fraud
  • Open Primaries to allow ALL registered voters to participate in primary elections
  • National civics curriculum
  • National Voting Day
  • Same day voter registration
  • Public campaign finance reform
  • Elimination of Electoral College
  • Federal mandate for standardizing elections
  • Complete  transparency of election results and immediate investigation upon evidence of tampering

End Legalized Bribery: Publicly Funded Campaigns

We would never allow a referee or other sports official to accept money from the teams they are hired to officiate. However, for much too long, we have tolerated a system in which people who are involved in making important decisions that affect our mothers, fathers, children and families are allowed to accept “donations” from interests whose ideals often conflict with the health, safety and well-being of the American people.  As long as candidates are funded this way, with or without Citizens United, nothing will ever  change. WE all have the power to change this by utilizing people-funded campaigns to elect candidates who truly represent us.

Single Payer Health CARE

The “care” in healthcare should be the primary focus of medical staff and patients. Our profit-driven, employer based insurance model is outdated, too costly, and needs to be replaced. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are driven into bankruptcy due to healthcare costs. Our country pays far more for healthcare, with a much lower percentage of favorable outcomes, than any other nation in the industrialized world. We stand solidly in favor of a single payer insurance system which ensures that everyone who needs to see a doctor can do so before treatable illnesses become more serious and unaffordable. A Medicare for All style system would streamline the process and eliminate the reliance upon companies that profit from denying care to those who need it.

Pay That Values Workers

We believe that people who go to work and produce billions of dollars in profit for companies should earn enough to afford a better quality of life rather than having to exist in a constant state of survival. Hard work is admirable, but having to struggle on less than a livable wage, and/or multiple jobs just to get by, not only takes a toll on individuals and their families, but our communities and economy as well. Too many Americans are struggling to live on pay that lags behind the price of goods and services, while CEO salaries continue to grow exponentially. Employees earnings should allow them to keep pace with the current cost of living. We support fair and equal pay regardless of race, age or gender. We value the people whose energy and effort help to power our nation.

Tuition and Debt-Free Higher Education

A society of highly skilled and well-educated workers is a necessity in order to sustain a robust economy.  Americans should not have to go into a lifetime of debt in order to further their education or training. A lack of an educated and skilled workforce inhibits innovation, and hinders our ability to compete successfully on a global level.  For those who want to further their education and develop specific skill sets, access to a quality higher education should not be a luxury.  We live in a nation which has the resources to make trade school and public college, affordable and accessible to all.  The feasible way to make this a reality in the United States is to provide tuition and debt free options for higher education.

Protecting and Strengthening Social Security

Social Security is a vital program that must be preserved for all of those who need it. This includes our seniors, who deserve our utmost respect and reverence. No one should ever have to choose between shelter and food due to insecurity in our Social Security system. Social Security has been under attack for some time, with its trust fund tapped by Congress to pay for other budget expenditures. Protecting and strengthening this FDR achievement is one of our top priorities to ensure that this safety net is preserved and pays more adequate benefits, which allow people to live with the dignity that comes with financial security.

Strong Unions for American Workers

Every employee should have the right to organize and/or join a union without fear of retribution from their employer. Far too often today, workers have no options when faced with circumstances such as unsafe working conditions or unfair pay. Unions fought for and achieved every major benefit for workers in this country, including weekends off, paid vacation time and medical leave. The decimation of unions, through the expansion "right of work" laws and disastrous trade deals, has resulted in the decline of the American middle and working class. A look at the state of our nation's workers makes it clear that we need unions more than ever, and both need a party that will stand with them. The Party for US is that party.

Reforming Our Criminal Justice System

When we look at the cost and ineffectiveness of our criminal justice system, it’s clear that new approaches are needed. We stand in favor of moving away from the failed policies that have resulted in our country having more people in jail than any other in the world. Our nation needs to turn from tough-talking, feel-good rhetoric which feeds the for-profit prison system, to approaches that effectively deal with the issues of addiction, poverty and mental illness. We support forward-thinking policies which serve to reduce crime, spending less of our resources on incarceration, while focusing more on funding critical priorities that actually benefit our citizens.

Standing With The LGBTQ Community

No one should be fired or denied their rights as an American citizen due to sexual orientation and/or gender indentity. However, this does not prevent it from happening. Members of the LGBTQ community still suffer discrimination, as well as brutal assaults, at times even resulting in the loss of life. For these reasons, we support legislation that recognizes the threats and challenges that members of the LGBTQ community face everyday.
We stand against all forms of social and legal injustice that result in any form of discrimination.

Caring For Our Veterans

Almost all of us know someone or are related to someone who has worn our nation’s uniform in the service of this country. Despite their commitment to our nation, and the billions poured into defense, too many of this nation’s veterans are struggling to get the care they need and have earned by their service. Access to facilities is often limited and wait times for treatment can be unacceptably long. We stand for a VA system that is staffed sufficiently to meet the needs of the millions of veterans waiting for care as well as those applying for disability due to service-related injuries, including general and and mental health issues. We can do better, and should do better by the people who have served this country.

Peace-Driven Foreign Policy

President John F. Kennedy famously said, "We cannot be strong abroad, if we are weak at home." We believe that our nation must prioritize policies that build goodwill around the world. We believe our resources are better spent building our infrastructure, caring for our veterans and creating ways to forge alliances that promote peace and better lives for people around the world.

A Clean Energy Economy

We have a responsibility to future generations to make the necessary changes now to reduce the effects of climate change that are increasingly evident. A commitment to saving our eco-system and economy are not in conflict. The jobs of the future are being created right now in the area of eco-driven technologies. Our party is committed to new cleaner energies and saving our planet as well.

Keeping The Internet Free and Open

The birth of the internet has been one of the most monumental advances in our lifetimes. For some, it is a lifeline to the outside world, for others it is a means to create a life-changing business, for someone else it is the means to learn another language or culture. The innovation and advancement that has been possible because of the advent of internet communication is almost immeasurable. This must not be lost to a handful of big corporations seeking to profit by controlling the public's access. Unlike many in both the two major parties, we will stand as the defender of internet freedom for all.

Rebuilding Our Infrastructure for the 21st Century

We all want the assurance of knowing that the roads, bridges, railways and all other modes of transportation that we all travel are safe. There is much evidence, however, that too many of these systems are in need serious repair, if they are not replaced entirely. Our overdue renovations also include sewer, water supply and natural gas lines that are decades old. We support modernizing many of these systems, to include the implementation of fiber optics and other technologies that would not only make our country more efficient, but would create millions of jobs to benefit our economy. We stand in favor of policies which would strengthen our country's essential operating systems from the ground up.

An Equitable Economy

A decent quality of life and future outcomes should not have to be determined based upon a person’s zip code. Our current economic make up is reliant upon unequal distribution of income, wealth and power. We know that there will always be those who earn more and those who earn less, based upon career choices, chosen profession or trade. However, we also understand that the primary reason for income inequality is rooted in systemic policy and legislation throughout this country. As a nation, we must address the foundations of these drivers of inequality, to end the disenfranchisement of the poor, working and middle class. Our party will only support legislators who are willing to tackle issues such as equal pay for ALL workers, education, health care and housing, which continue to entrench Americans in an ever growing divide between the economic classes.

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